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Commercial Fleet Washed
Are you wondering how to wash a wrapped car? Or maybe you’re researching car washes for semi-trucks. Whatever it may be, if you’re looking to wash your fleet car, then Racer’s Edge is the car wash company you’ve been searching for! Our quality hand washes will ensure your commercial car is thoroughly cleaned and returned to you better than you left it. 

Hand washing your vehicles protects and preserves the paint of your car, preserves your car wrap, and reaches those troublesome nooks and crannies a typical machine wash misses. 

Machine washes are required to recycle water which retains dirt and chemicals that further damage your paint. At Racer’s Edge, we will use the best commercial car wash equipment on your vehicle--soft chamois cloths and separate microfiber towels for your windows, paint, and rims.

Our Washes

Hand washing protects and preserves the paint of your car.
Our mission is to provide the best customer service, quality, and workmanship that is unmatched by any other car wash, taking the extra steps necessary to ensure that your vehicle is properly taken care of.
* There may be an extra charge for excessive mud, dirt

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RV Wash in Houston

The Best Hand Car Wash in Pearland, TX!

Racer’s Edge is the best hand wash car service near you. Our hand wash and hand detail treatments are high quality and thorough. If you have a sweet paint job or a car wrap you’re worried about being damaged in a machine car wash, bring it to Racer’s Edge!

Skip the chipped paint and hard water spots that come with harsh machine washes. Set an Appointment with Racer’s Edge today and see why we’re the Best Hand Car Wash company in Houston! 
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“I absolutely love getting my car detailed at Racer's Edge. Great work and professional service. I have the monthly membership and love going every week and my car looks goooood! Thank you Racer's Edge!”
- Vicky E.
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